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This site offers the opportunity to learn more about Budo Best, founded in 1990, the largest company in Romania in the production and sale of equipment for practicing martial arts. In 1990 it was founded the company that published the first magazine of martial arts in Romania - "Budo - Arte Marțiale" - the magazine that appeared on the market in 1991. The production under the brand "Budo Best" started in 1994 and has continuously developed year after year. Currently production is done only with top equipment. "Budo Best" obtained the ISO 9001 certificate for quality management.

Developing and growing demand for ”Budo Best” led us to outsource some production to countries in Asia with tradition in making sports equipment. Production is done after models designed by our specialists and only after careful testing of such equipment. Products "Budo Best" have the best quality and price of all products on the Romanian market.
Other very importent point in our development was co-operate with Adidas company. So, Budo Best is now Official Addas Distributor for Martial Arts Equipment, Karate Equipment, Taekwondo Equipment and Boxing Equipment for Bulgaria.

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